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Consignment Updates

You will be required to read and accept our policy before booking your appointment


*Please come at your scheduled appointment time, not early. 


If you need to re-shedule you must do so a minimum of 24 hours in advance. After that there is a $10 fee for changes and no-shows.


Please make changes to your appointment online through the email link you received when booking.

* You must have a minimum of 10 items to book an appointment *

 Please be advised we are currently transitioning from summer to early fall intake. This means that we will still take premium summer items but max 5 per visit and we're extremely selective. The rest must be cool weather shoulder season stuff  for Autumn. 

Max 20 items per visit, one appointment per month

We are only accepting in-style, quality items up to 4 years old


Once we accept items we do not bring them back out so please make your own list ahead of time if you want to know what we took.

Book an Appointment
to consign 10-20 items

* please come at your scheduled appointment time, not early.

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