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Our Consignment Policy

1. Appointments

  • Please book appointments using our online booking system

  • Please come to your appointment at it's scheduled time, not early or late. Your clothing will be looked through at the time of your appointment. If you are going to be late, or need to drop off early due to circumstances beyond your control, please call ahead to check if we can accommodate you. 

  • We require you to stay during your appointment to take back your items that weren't taken.

  • Limit of one appointment per month, per consignor. Bookings exceeding that will be canceled. 

  • Appointments that are not rescheduled 24 hours in advance will be automatically subject to a $10 fee. No exceptions. 

  • Walk-ins and drop-offs are NOT accepted at this time.

2. Acceptance Criteria:

  •  Clothes must be freshly washed, a maximum of 4 years old, vintage (25 years and older), and in style. Clothes with stains, holes, damage, or considerable wear will not be accepted. 

  •  We do not accept: Walmart Brands (George, NOBO, Tuff Athletics, Mexx), Ardenes, Joe, Shein, Denver Hayes, Forever 21, Urban Planet brands (Streetwear Society, Urban Heritage etc). 

  • We accept clothing sizes from 00 to 14.

3. Pricing:

  • We use our discretion to price items dependent on the brand, condition, and age.

4. Consignment Period:

  • Your items will be stored in the back for 2-3 months (we accept a season ahead)

  • Your items will be on the floor for 8 weeks, however, we reserve the right to donate at our discretion.  

  • Because of our storage system, please be 100% sure you are ready to part with your items. We are unable to retrieve them once they are filed.

5. Commission:

  • Commission is 50/50

  • You can take your commission as cash, in-store credit, or use it at Shoe La La

  • Consignors must check their balance in person. We do not provide balances over the phone. 

  • We do not send e-transfers, if you have moved please designate someone to pick up your balance. We will require proof of ID to add someone to your account. 

6. Donations

  • Items may be donated at our discretion at any time if we deem them unsaleable for any reason. 

  • We automatically donate unsold items after 8 weeks on the floor. We do not offer the return of an item unless priced at $50.00 or higher and specifically requested returned by customer at time of intake. 

7. Markdowns

  • Items are adjusted at our discretion, dependent on saleability and condition.

8. Shoplifting & Damage

  • We take every precaution to deter theft at Silver Lining. However, despite our best efforts, incidents of theft still (rarely) occur, which is not a result of negligence on our part, as such incidents are beyond our control. 

  • We are not responsible for theft or unforeseen damage.

9. Privacy & Data Policy

  • Please see our Privacy Policy, here

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